The process of an eye exam.

The process of an eye exam consists of various steps such as:

The patient is given a cataract and glaucoma evaluation (these exams are computerized) the optometrist will inform you, in that instant, if there is an existence of either of these ailments.

Afterwards, the patient will be sent to the exam room where the optometrist will do a personalized eye exam.
Also, it is good to mention that there will not be any type of medication used to dialate your pupils.

Our motto is honesty, you can rest assured that when the eye exam has concluded, the optometrist will let you know if you really need glasses, If you need to see an ophthalmologist or if your vision is in good condition. Our interest in you is also as a patient, not just business.

It is important to check your vision with frequency, it is recommended to have an eye exam yearly, that way you can have a record of your vision.

All eye exams performed in Algodones Optical have a full guarantee for the next 3 months after the date of the exam.